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Our Mission:

Every child deserves a bright future.

Every parent deserves a chance to provide it.

As parents, we believe every child deserves a bright future and that starts with ensuring parents have the support they need to prepare themselves.

Mothers are downright superheroes having enduring pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding/feeding constantly, and doing all of this without a good night's sleep and keeping some kind of sanity in their busy day. Mothers are consumed by the duties and the responsibility to nurture their children in the only way a mother knows how.

Meanwhile, fathers or partners are hit with the responsibility of a carer. They must be there to support when needed, to be a rock of strength for their partner, and to provide security for their family. 

That's why littleRedlionb exists.

Our mission is to be a community for parents to connect with each other. To network, support, and celebrate the wonderful experience of parenthood is for us all. Share ideas, experiences, questions, life advice, and so on to bring this community to life.

We're all in this together, as parents, and as NFT enthusiasts.

Join us.

- littleRedlionb

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Meet the team.



Experienced marketing automation professional, Twitter Space Host for "Community Building & Social Strategies for NFT artists" , generative art producer, web developer, and Discord community manager.



Traditionally an acrylic mixed media artist, Haejin moved to digital art after the birth of her littleRedlionb as a way to remain creative while breastfeeding and not having to worry about paint drying.



The youngest member of the team. Really good and flicking food around and making funny noises. Struggles to sleep for long periods, and consequently, so do her parents.

Parenthood NFT Sitcom.

The first-ever NFT sitcom series called ’Parenthood’ tracks the life of littleRedlionb and her family through the eyes of her loving and courageous mother.

Each week Mum, Dad, and littleRedlionb share a new episode with unique hand-drawn illustrations.

Follow our journey on Instagram @littleRedlionb

The '4thT' Collection.

The ‘4thT’ collection celebrates the joy of parenthood and how we must embrace the challenges that come with it.

Cow Head Series / 1111 NFTs / Polygon Blockchain / FREE MINT

Launching in September 2022.

Bear Head Series launch TBA

Fox Head Series launch TBA

Sloth Head Series launch TBA

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Select Player One

Like an arcade game of selecting your player, ‘Select Player One’ brings these cultural figures into the realm of web3 and NFTs.

Collectors select their hero while knowing that their investment will go to a worthy cause.

The Select Player One is an ongoing charity project with a limited run of 100 unique NFTs in the collection.

All are individually hand-drawn portraits of historical, cultural, and influential people from around the world.

Each item in this collection tells a story of empowerment, creativity, and strength, with a dash of humor for good measure.

With every sale of a ‘Select Player One’ NFT 100% of the profits will go towards charities that improve the lives of families in hardship, whether that be single parents, orphans, or refugee families displaced from their homes.